Hello there 👋

I am Ahmed Shahriar Sakib. I am a Software Engineer, an expert in data analytics, machine learning, web scraping & automation. I am also a Kaggle master.

I am currently doing my MASc in Management Sciences at the University of Waterloo. I am a research student affiliated with Critical ML lab. My research focuses on Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and Optimization. Apart from that, I have been in the software industry for over two years.

I am looking to collaborate on Projects based on Data analytics, Machine learning or Natural language processing.

Resume Portfolio Research

🔵 Completed many projects in web scraping & automation using python
🔵 Experienced in web back-end development in python stack
🔵 Proficient in data analytics, data visualization, machine learning and natural language processing
🔵 Check out my kaggle notebooks

Latest publication:
Identifying Insomnia from Social Media Posts: Psycholinguistic Analyses of User Tweets [JMIR, IF-7.08], where we built an insomnia prediction model from users’ psycholinguistic patterns, i.e., word usage, semantics, and their Big5 personality traits as derived from tweets.

Ongoing Project:
BDNewsToday - a news aggregator android application powered by Scrapy-Django integrated API. It reached 12k+ downloads worldwide.

I highly appreciate it if you check the app and send me feedback. Download from here -