Data Analytics & Machine Learning

✅ Exploratory data analysis for ML pipeline with python libraries - Pandas, Plotly etc.
✅ Data preparation, wrangling, preprocessing for ML pipeline
✅ Develop end to end NLP solutions
✅ Build ML pipeline with APIs (Django, Flask, FastAPI) and cloud deployment

Web Scraping & Automation

✅ Scrape data from different websites like e-commerce, job portals, social media etc.
✅ Contact information of businesses from public directories, company websites, or search engines
✅ Automate scraping tasks involving Google Spreadsheet, Excel, MySQL database, NoSQL, XML, JSON, CSV format
✅ Scrape critical websites that need IP rotation and required login
✅ Fetch data from API
✅ Scrapy-Django Integration (Make web application using scraped data) & REST API
✅ Javascript/Ajax content or dynamic content generated websites